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About Precision Rehab


Precision Rehab was founded in 2015 to address the lack of specialist powered wheelchairs available in the UK marketplace.  When Matthew was informed in 2015 that the Balder and Etac ranges of powered wheelchairs which he had been working with for over two decades would no longer be manufactured the Precision Rehab dream was born.  Matthew’s first step was to start researching the global market for a powered wheelchair solution which he felt was currently missing in the UK.

Following meetings with several manufacturers, Precision Rehab came to an agreement with the German manufacturer Paravan to be an official supplier for the UK and Ireland.  Precision Rehab currently supplies the Paravan range on a direct sales basis and using authorised dealers throughout the UK and Ireland to ensure a high standard of assessment, sales process, after sales care including service and repair coverage is available to all clients at all times.

The company recently added the UPnRIDE range of standing powered wheelchairs and Q700M range of powered wheelchairs from Sunrise to its product portfolio.

The UPnRIDE is a life changing new innovation in standing chair technology and is the first chair of its kind in the UK with a host of features including auto-balancing and unchanged centre of gravity to ensure the user can have constant stability even on sloped surfaces. Read more.

The Q700 range features two chairs.  The mid wheel drive Q700 M combines superb levels of outdoor performance due to its highly maneuverable base Read more. The Q700 UP M is a standing powered wheelchair which allows the user to lie flat or stand due to its biomechanical standing seating system which enables the user to stand at up to 85˚ so they can interact with friends face to face.  Read more.

Over the last three years, Precision Rehab has grown steadily and the company became a true family business when Matthew’s wife Emma joined the team.  As part of this continued growth, the company recently announced that Motus Medical Limited will be its authorised distributor covering the Midlands and North of the UK, for the range of Paravan & UPnRIDE specialist powered wheelchairs.

Every client is unique and here at Precision Rehab we believe in going the extra mile to find a bespoke solution to ensure every client receives a chair which meets all their individual requirements.  Over the years, many customers have become friends and comment on our professional and friendly service and this combined with the superb products we offer is why we believe you should consider Precision Rehab as your preferred powered wheelchair provider.

If you would like to talk with us about any requirements you may have, please call 01256 300111 or email: info@precisionrehab.co.uk