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Precision Rehab reassures customers about safe services as restrictions tighten across England

We are still open, but will be implementing a number of measures to help protect our customers and staff.

We have been closely monitoring the latest government guidelines regarding COVID-19.

Following the government announcement in the fight against Covid-19 on the 22nd September 2020, we understand many of our clients and potential clients will be returning to shielding, self-isolating or continuing to do so. We take our clients and staff health very seriously. We will continue to offer all our services including assessments, servicing, repairs, parts supply and deliveries following government guidelines while using the appropriate PPE (Nitrile gloves, facemasks and antibacterial sanitizer for our
staff and products). read more


We are still open, but will be implementing a number of measures to help protect our customers and staff.

We have been closely monitoring the latest government guidelines regarding COVID-19.

If you or anyone in your household is showing any symptoms (link to NHS advice pages) please contact us to rearrange your appointment as soon as possible.

We will be minimising contact between staff and customers and we are more than willing to offer in addition to our usual services;

  • Contactless services, our team will call you when we arrive, you can put the product outside of your property, the work will be completed externally, when done we will call and wait away from the property for the product to be collected from outside.
  • Parts delivery service, for certain products we are able to either send directly from the supplier or alternatively ship products from our facility using a courier service.
  • Phone consultation for advice on all aspects of your product including servicing, repairs, sales and general guidance.

We will provide disposable gloves and hand gel for staff, these will be changed between each customer. All demonstration equipment will be disinfected before and after appointments. As a company we have maximised our safety measures including; government recommended hand sanitiser, disposable gloves, masks and disinfectant wipes. read more

NRtimes – How to find the perfect powerchair

When looking for a powerchair there are many options available which at times can be confusing. To eliminate some of this, we spoke to Matt James, director of Precision Rehab, one of the UK’s leading suppliers of powerchairs with over 25 years industry experience.

How to find the perfect powerchair

When looking for a powerchair what are the primary things people should consider?

There are lots of things to consider when looking for a powered wheelchair, here is a list of points to consider: Lifestyle (what is the user wanting the powerchair to do on an everyday basis), what range/distance will they need to travel in a day, size and dimensions of the chair, what is the weight of the chair and what is the maximum user weight and combined weight (for lifts, house and car). read more

AMP AWARDS 2019 SHORTLIST: Unsung Industry Hero of the Year

The Unsung Industry Hero of the Year Award recognises individuals who have been setting an example to the rest of the market and whose individual achievements and approach have helped the businesses they are part of to grow and evolve.

We are delighted to announce that the 2019 shortlist includes the following individuals:

Matthew James, Precision Rehab
Matthew James’ commitment and passion are clear when he talks about the industry and what his company achieves for its customers. He is always on-hand for advice and many of his customers have become very loyal due to Matthew’s investment in them and his passion for knowing their requirements, likes and dislikes. Matthew’s ethos of customer before business has helped Precision to develop well in the past year and he is credited with securing countless loyal customers, who have helped to sustain and propel the business. Matthew’s approach to a clients’ wants as much as their needs is a shining example for the mobility sector and in this way he is certainly playing his part in driving trends. read more

AMP AWARDS 2019 SHORTLIST: Dealer of the Year (South)

Precision Rehab
Precision Rehab is one of the more specialist equipment dealers in the South. Prescribing the most advanced powerchairs requires the immense attention to detail and caring manner that Precision’s name suggests. The company has recently expanded its range to include a number of complex standing powechairs and brought in the Piccolino chair to widen its client base. The company has made itself a key feature of the industry’s major mobility shows and in doing so has widened its net. While it is based in a small corner of the South East, this year, Precision has reached customers from further afield but crucially, has ensured service has remained watertight. read more

THIIS. YouTube vlogger praises Precision Rehab and prepares to chase fashion ambitions in her new powerchair

Precision Rehab, a specialist powerchair retailer and distributor, has helped a YouTube vlogger pursue her dreams of launching her own fashion brand after supplying a bespoke Piccolino Paravan powerchair.

Living with Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA) Type 2, ambitious Ellie Darby from Essex has refused to let her condition get in the way of her love of fashion.

Working part-time at a clothing store and volunteering for an autism charity, she also runs her own fashion YouTube channel and is planning to launch her very own apparel brand, aimed at bringing more diversity into the fashion industry for everyone with or without a disability. read more

ATtoday – Bespoke powerchair solution gives fashion vlogger greater independence

Ellie Darby from Essex is one of a growing number of people in the UK with Spinal Muscular Atrophy Type 2 who is enjoying more freedom and independence due to her bespoke powerchair solution from Precision Rehab: the Piccolino Paravan.

Ellie loves fashion and she has refused to let her condition get in her way. In addition to working part-time at a clothing shop, Ellie also volunteers for an autism charity, runs her own YouTube channel and is now planning to launch her own fashion brand which is aimed at bringing more diversity into the fashion industry. read more

THIIS. – June edition. – Taking control with facial expressions

An innovative powerchair control system that enables users to control their chair with their face is being supplied in the UK by Precision Rehab.

Created by Now Technologies, the Gyro Glory allows wheelchair users to operate their chair using their eyes, cheeks, mouth and any other part of their face they can move via a headset, which connects to the chair by Bluetooth.

In situations where there is the possibility of Bluetooth connectivity interference, the headset can also be connected directly to the chair with a cable, simultaneously charging the headset. read more

ATtoday – New powerchair allows young boy to live his life to the full

8-year-old George Lockley, from Welwyn Garden City in Hertfordshire, enjoys living life to the full and this is partly thanks to his Piccolino Paravan powered wheelchair from Precision Rehab.

George, who has a twin brother Harry and a younger sister Abby, was born with Spinal Muscular Atrophy Type 2. As newborns, both twins appeared perfectly healthy, but as they approached their first birthday, their parents noticed that George’s development had appeared to plateau compared to Harry’s and following numerous tests and assessments, George was diagnosed with SMA Type 2. read more

AMP – Precision Rehab to launch new chair next month

Equipment specialist, Precision Rehab, is set to debut a new chair at Naidex next month where it will be showcasing its existing range to end-users.

The dealer will also be pushing its Piccolino chair, which it says has enjoyed success with the company’s clients.

One of its clients, eight-year-old George Lockley, needed his powerchair replacing last year with one that was larger and had more features.

The family attended several exhibitions to see what was available and George tried four or five different models. read more